Q7 Things to Consider Before Asking for a Raise

Melissa Alcox, PA-C

Melissa Alcox, PA-C

  1. Do your homework. What are your collections? How are you impacting your bottom line? What is the cost to employ you?
  2. How do you provide improved quality of life to your supervising physician or group?
  3. What specific leadership qualities do you bring to your practice?
  4. Are there ways you can or have saved your practice money in expenses?
  5. Make sure to foster your relationships with your colleagues and check in with them regularly. How can I be a better employee and contribute to the overall success of the practice?
  6. Are there other things you can request that can improve your quality of life as a provider and subsequently as an employee? Do you need more money to attend a CME conference that will further your education? Could hiring a personal scribe save you time and allow you to see 4 extra patients a day?
  7. If you have been denied a raise now, ask if you can meet with your employer again in a few months to assess how you are doing.

Best of Luck!