The PA/NP EMERGE Program is a new resource for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners practicing in the field of dermatology. Our key objective is to support NPs and PAs by providing educational and career advancement opportunities.  

Our team of Co-Directors and PA/NP Emerge Steering Committee members are among the top dermatology key opinion leaders in the country. They oversee the program and its content.  

By supporting this valuable community, PA/NP EMERGE can help advance the level of care these practitioners provide to their patients.    

Steering Committee member Rachel Printy, PA-C on PA/NP Emerge Program
Steering Committee member Nina Copeland, APRN, FNP-C, CANS on PA/NP Emerge Program

Over 20 years ago, The Foundation for Research and Education in Dermatology (FRED) was founded to help shape and evolve the practice of dermatology. We have committed our energy to innovate trailblazing educational experiences for all dermatology healthcare professionals.  

Today, we interact continuously with dermatology PAs and NPs across FRED’s ecosystem of conferences and digital educational initiatives. Realizing the growing need to provide support specifically for the PA and NP community, FRED developed and launched the PA/NP EMERGE Program.  

The PA/NP EMERGE Program features engaging, video-based content highlighting the hottest topics in dermatology. Our digital platform aims to provide PAs and NPs with access to clinical education and career-building opportunities. Topics include: 

  • Medical dermatology  
  • Patient advocacy  
  • Practice management  
  • Office dynamics  
  • Career development 
  • Personal development  
  • Job selection and interviewing skills 
  • Working with industry  

PA/NP EMERGE is dedicated to the development of capable and responsible healthcare providers who have the knowledge, drive, and capacity to skillfully nurture the people in their care. Together, we can help guide the patient journey every step of the way.