QUsing Humor in Dermatology

Melissa Alcox, PA-C

Melissa Alcox, PA-C

When appropriate, laughter can truly be the best medicine. With that in mind, to stay sane in this business of dermatology, I remind myself:

Always keep your mouth closed when incising, draining, injecting, or curetting something, no one wants to eat their patient’s body part. Those of us who have been practicing long enough know what I mean.

Do not blow on any site you are applying a destructive agent such as cantharadin or podophyllin. It won’t dry faster, and you may find yourself in a precarious position.

When a patient asks you about a product that you think is an overrated expensive cosmeceutical that puts more money into marketing and packaging than science, tell them they are better off buying shoes!  At least these will bring you more joy.

When a patient asks you about a rash or invisible phenomenon they swear went away as soon as they came in for their appointment, I explain to them that “I am very superficial, I am only skin deep!”. I tell them that I am so good at my job that I start curing them as soon as they make their appointment! I ask them to take pictures and offer to fit them in if needed when the rash is present.

Why did the dermatology PA cross the road? To get to the better supervising physician. To avoid the pushy drug rep. To avoid the delusions of parasitosis patient.

While examining the male genitalia, do not say “don’t worry, there’s nothing there!” Yup, I’ve done that….

When a patient offers you homemade moonshine in the middle of your clinic, do not tell them you have never tried that flavor before.

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Melissa Alcox, PA-C with love and help from my PA school bestie, Whitney Krohn, PA-C